Welcome to the Alicante Trophy (commonly just referred to as The Alicante). The competition is based on a game that I've played with my mates for the past 30 years whenever we meet for a pint during the footy season, for our game we pick ten or more games and try to predict the score of those games awarding points based on the correct result and the correct score. Our pub game is always played just for fun with the winner notionally being awarded the Alicante Trophy (see image), the original trophy has never and will never leave the wall of our mate Jim's house in Northampton and although it has never been held aloft by the winner that doesn't matter - just to be able to say "I've won the Alicante Trophy" is prize enough.

Sadly Jim died (17/07/2020) but his trophy and our memories of Jim live on and this revised version of the competition is dedicated to that trophy and to Jim.

Matchday Numbers Number of Entrants x 5.00 Total Collected 50% Matchday Prize cash split 1st & 2nd 50% Rollover
1 - 4          
5 - 8          
9 - 12          
13 - 16          
17 - 20          
21 - 24          
25 - 28          
29 - 32          
33 - 36          
37 - 38          

   * To see how the rollover cash will be shared out at the end of the season click HERE

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Just to remind you how the points are scored:

Correct Result - If you predict the right result Home Win, Away Win or Draw you get 5 points

Correct Score - If you predict the right score you get an extra 5 points

Half Right Point - If you do not predict the right result but get either the home team or away team score correct you will score 1 point

Play your Joker - From each set of 10 game matchdays you can pick a game to play your joker, the points scored for that game will be doubled.

* As well as the weekly points there are bonus points for predicting the Top four and the Bottom three teams at the end of the season