Functional Skills at Level 2 are a measure of your ability to problem solve using Maths, English and IT; and to have a certificate in Functional Skills effectively gives you proof that you are likely to be able to 'Function' in the modern day workplace. More importantly, Level 2 is the standard you would expect someone leaving school aged 16 to possess if they have gained GCSE passes at grade C or above in Maths, English and IT.

This section of the website looks  at the level of knowledge needed to pass the Maths unit of a Level 2 Functional Skills Certificate, specifically, how to use basic applied Maths for everyday problems like:

Cash transactions and currency conversion - apply percentage discounts and VAT - record measurements of height, length and width - measure quantities by volume, ratio and proportion - calculate surface area - work out speed, distance and time - use formulae to convert temperatures, to work out the circumference, radius and diameter of a circle  - create graphs and charts - correctly read gauges and measurement scales - create statistics to show mean, mode, median and range.


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The links below will take you to Edexcel mock tests at level 1 and level 2. Edexcel are the awarding body who issue the Functional Skills Maths Certificates. You can therefore feel totally confident that the mock tests reflects very closely the real tests you will take with Zip Training.

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